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Mi Gracia

This past week my family flew to Barcelona from Philadelphia to visit me. My mom, dad, and two brothers spend a week in Spain touring around and taking me to the most delicious restaurants. As you know, I only like to indulge on the weekends and I am very healthy throughout the week to keep the balance, can’t go home with that “oh she went abroad” body. Anyway, this was a very difficult week for me to do that but I sucked it up because 1. free meals and 2. it’s family.

Although we went to many different restaurants my parents favorite was called Mi Gracia. I researched many places to take them and found this cute places 5 minutes from my apartment in Gracia. We walked in and were basically the only people there, not because it was a bad restaurant, because it was 7:30pm and people in Spain don’t eat that early. We were seated by the owners who were actually the waiters. They were a middle aged married couple who were very down to earth and family oriented. We sat down to order and when you order the husband comes over to recommend a wine and help with anything we need. My dad and him got along very well because he is a wine connoisseur. screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-11-36-07-am

They had something called special patatas bravas and let me tell you, these were special. They were made with sweet 15170954_10211329526305040_6132583781915267241_npotato! The sauce was also not typical brava sauce, I can’t even describe what it was but it was more spices than a sauce. We ordered a few other appetizers, such as hummus, but it was special hummus, it was beet hummus! As an entree I got the salmon because I can rarely find salmon that isn’t smoked so I took the opportunity to order that. We enjoyed everything we ordered, my parents couldn’t stop raving. I would describe the menu as Argentinian, they have empanadas, pastas, meat, fish. They serve a wide variety of food, there is something for everyone on that menu.

When a restaurant is very good they have something called a Michelin Star. It means the food is delicious and once they get a star, they typically will be very screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-11-24-39-amcrowded and prices are usually high. This restaurant doesn’t have the traditional Michelin Star, they have “Mi Michelin.” Inside the wheel he has written about his Michelin. This was something my mom loved about the restaurant. He made it funny and made it his own restaurant.

Another special aspect that they do is take the cork from your wine bottle, give it to you to write a wish, and then glue it on the wall. This aspect was like something I had never seen before. It made the restaurant homey and inviting. As a marketing technique it is brilliant, people will want to come back when traveling to see their wish on the wall. On the left is our family wish. My dad wished for all of his kids to be happy and healthy. The wall is largely decorated with corks making it look like trees. My mom told the wife that she was going to start this at our own home…it was a great idea but for a restaurant, I can’t take my mom anywhere.

After having one of the best meals we got the check which had a discount. She explained that because I had made a reservation, I got a discount. She also gave me a 5% discount for the next time I come in, that was so unexpected but they promote family and since they are a local small restaurant they promote where they can. These owners were the sweetest and most hard working I have seen in a while. I think this is the popular Spanish way of kindness but my family truly appreciated everything they did for us.

Out of all the places we went to eat, this was my families favorite. I gained 10 pounds with them here so I was ready for them to go home so I could get back to my diet but I will miss them.


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