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Marta Alonso

Marta Alonso is a digital marketing executive based out of Barcelona, Spain. She is known for her PR work using primarily the application Instagram by posting photos that will promote the brands that she is working with. Of course this business took time to launch but she had a passion and wanted to make money from it and do what she is good at and to share it with others. She showed her creativity through her social content so well that companies began to hire her to help them. Marta uses strategies  such as posting a photo of the day to attract clients for these companies.

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She previously was the head of the digital division at Edelman Communications Marketing Firm, the director and co-founder of Muuby, a company that focuses on Community Management Services, and the CM of Thinklink, a marketing and advertising firm.

During 2011, the start of Marta’s solo career, she became the local manager of a small company called Instagramers. They are located in multiple cities and countries because well, Instagram is world wide. Instagramers was created by Phil Gonzales with the purpose to “try to help people to share their ideas and keep in touch through the web”. These people share a common ground of enjoying the use of Instagram and want to learn together. The company teaches you how to create a successful Instagram account to promote whatever you want and they even create ‘get togethers’ to branch out and learn new things from others who share the same passion. Below is one of Martas video interviews.

More recently in 2014 she founded a company called CircleLine which is a “digital business unit of Mahala Comunicación” Since she founded this company they now have offices in Madrid and Barcelona. The services that Marta offers through CircleLine include consulting, global communication, media relations, public relations, and many many more.

Some Instagram projects Marta has worked on are for Fortune Magazine, Catalunya Experience, FC Barcelona, and even helped Vueling Airlines with a campaign through Instagram.


The Vueling campaign was her first solo job when Muuby shut down. Marta is extremely self motivated, and since she had this idea for another airline company called Spanair that didn’t work out, she wanted her creativity to be seen so she set out to present her idea to Vueling. Her idea included the help of flyers. People would take photos of the places they traveled to using Vueling and Marta chose a bunch of winners to have their photos be plastered on the side of the plane spelling out the words “Gracias” and “Thanks.” Vueling clearly loved her idea and from there she was able to branch out and land other jobs. Companies such as the Catalan Tourism Board, Splendia, HP Europe, and even the Catalan government hired her to campaign and brand for them.

Her most recent project took place last week on November 21st 2016 to help fund-raise for AIDS. She assisted with PR for the AIDS Gala called Gala Sida. Many famous people attended this Gala and by the end of the night was able to raise 1M euros.

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Other brands that are using social media for strong marketing include Red Bull. They have multiple social media accounts and use their Instagram daily to promote their drink. They use bright colors and include videos along with pictures to catch the eye of their clientele. They use campaigns just as Marta in order to keep things fresh and new. Marta sometimes has the idea to use contests to engage the audience like she did with Vueling, Red Bull also holds contests and the winner gets to be featured on their social media accounts as well as gets free Red Bull.

Marta began her career at such a young age but always kept motivated even when struggles came her way with companies shutting down. I had the pleasure to have Marta speak to my class and learn more about her job more in depth and have the opportunity to ask her questions. Her main message to us was how important personal branding is. She sought out the media directors of Vueling and found out how to contact them to get a meeting to present her idea. From there she proved herself and companies liked her brand. If you pursue what you are passionate about and keep working at it, anything is possible.




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