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Opium vs. Kapital

Night life in Spain is very well know. People go out until the sun rises i.e. usually 6:00am. For some reason Barcelona is known for its beach club Opium. Every American studying abroad hears about Opium months before their departure and that they must go to at least once, and if you live there you may not always go, but you definitely know what it is. There are many other clubs by the beach that are popular but this is the bread winner.

Upon arriving to Barcelona for my semester abroad I was so excited to experience this so called ‘best club in Barcelona’. I went with my friends and absolutely HATED it. I personally don’t understand what makes it so special, is it the pick pockets that surround you until they steal your phone, wallet, and dignity? Or the aggressive men that say “give me a kiss and I’ll buy you a drink?” There are plenty of clubs like this in America, I truly still can’t figure out why it is such a hot spot. I guess I didn’t jump on the Opium band wagon because I’m not a fan of house music, when I go out to a club I like to dance. A few turn offs from Opium include that insane amount of people pushing and shoving, the sky rocket price of drinks, the pick pockets, the music, and the cover charge (sometimes). Writing this I sound like a grandma, 20 somethings live for this kind of thing, but not me and surprisingly none of my friends. A club in Barcelona that I do love is Jamboree. They play actual music that I can sing and dance to. Sometimes they even have live music. It’s a cool underground club that isn’t full of pushy guys grinding up all over you. Point being if you don’t like Opium, there are plenty of other options.

I went to Madrid for the weekend and just like Barcelona they have an ‘it’ club. Their known club is called Teatro Kapital. All my friends and everyone else on the trip said I have to go and try it. As you can assume I was very skeptical because well, I hate Opium, and if this was anything like Opium it wouldn’t be worth it. This club had a cover charge of 17 euros and 25 euro if you wanted 2 drinks. When we were walking to Kapital we saw a promoter who was giving out wristbands that apparently included 2 ‘free’ drinks and admission for 17 euro. We had nothing to lose so we took the wristband and hoped for the best. The line was around the block and I looked at my friends and said “no way.” I was not waiting in the freezing cold for a club I was 99% sure I wouldn’t like. I courageously walked up to the bouncer and showed him my wristband and asked which line, of course he pointed to a ‘shorter’ line, but boy it was still long. I made a cute girl pout face and said “por favorrr.” Somehow he walked my friends and I to the door. We walked in and paid the 17 euro for entry that came with 2 drink cards (thanks promoter, you came in handy). We walked in to a loud dark entrance way with flashing lights, you’d think this is the point where I turned away but no keep reading. This club is known for its 7 floors with all different types of music on each. I explored each floor to find the one that I would enjoy the most, 17 euro ain’t cheap people. I found my home on the first floor when I was greeted with what they call “Kapital Dancers”. 4 dancers came out and performed then throughout the night there were always 2-3 screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-11-42-pmon the stage keeping the crowd engaged and even taking selfies with people (yep that’s me in the front row). Let me just tell you I thrived, I peaked, I was killin’ it out there. This was unreal. By far the best screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-11-22-pmclub or even place I had ever been in my whole life. That night was the first night I stayed out until 4:30am (keep in mind I am a grandma at heart and that whole no sleep thing doesn’t fly with me). There were dancers and different DJ’s, I left my heart out on that dance floor. They had fog machines that would go off sporadically and confetti! Yes confetti! screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-11-56-pmTo the right is my friend Erin truly enjoying that confetti. I was so sad to leave but I was so glad I pushed my tired self to go out because Kapital was definitely an experience that I will remember forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Barcelona and I am so glad to be studying here but if Kapital were to relocate I would be one happy girl, but maybe they shouldn’t come because I would also be one poor girl.



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