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Can Social Platforms Help Your Brand?

Some may not believe that social media has and effect on persuading people, such as the presidential election, but subconsciously it does. Using Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as examples, thenextweb claims that Trump is better using social media than Clinton, Trump won the election, is this a coincidence? Ezyinsights conduced a study whose results showed that “Trump’s social media crew has consistently outperformed Clinton’s own team throughout the entire presidential campaign.” This study was solely looking at Facebook. The photo below shows the candidates video engagement on Facebook, it is very clear that Trump is in the lead with this one. screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9-28-29-am

Trump posted 33 videos in October where as Hillary only posted 11. Trump got his name out there by connecting to the people of Facebook. Facebook now consists of multiple generations. Facebook is not only for teens now, parents and grandparents are on Facebook, meaning it is one of the best platforms to reach the most people, and clearly Trump knew that. The younger generation more than the older get a lot of their news on Facebook, teens don’t necessarily turn on the news or go to CNN, therefore Trump screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9-41-16-amknew how to reach his most influential crowd, which was through Facebook. Trump was making more posts than Hillary making sure his name was seen more, putting him on peoples radars and his name in the back of your mind.

Along with Facebook, there is Twitter. Donald Trump joined Twitter in 2009, and Hillary Clinton joined in 2013 giving Trump 4 more years to get his name and brand more exposed along with followers. Trump currently has 2,892,426 more followers than Hillary, without a doubt he has more people viewing his tweets, yet again having his name in your mind. Trump tweets almost 2.5x the amount as Hillary. The surprising aspect on this is that Hillary has more tweets in a day, and more tweets signed with her name. The only reason Trump has more overall Tweets is because of his longer existence on Twitter. This makes you think that maybe Hillary would be more popular but Trump won the election making it seem that it does not matter how many times in a day you tweet, it’s about the followers you have. A part of this could be due to the fact that Hillary often retweets her campaign at the same time as Trump retweets the public. He is even known for tweeting to normal people more often than Hillary, making him more connectable. Twitter is a platform for mostly younger kids, as in new screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9-46-30-amimpressionable voters. Some teens are easily persuaded to vote for whoever has more publicity, who they see more on their social media sights. Therefor by Trump posting more on Facebook and having a significantly higher amount of followers put him in the lead. Trump even knows how to make memes, yet again appealing to the younger crowd.

“Social media are playing an increasingly large role in the way campaigns communicate with voters.” informs us that when Hillary makes a post on Facebook she makes links to her own official campaign website where as when Trump posted he made links to news media in his mission to “focus media appearances and rallies during this period, rather than volunteers or donations.”

Both candidates have their own official websites but in my opinion, and clearly the public’s opinion Trump has a better and easier website. on Trump’s website you are able to navigate much easier by having a tab for his positions on each topic, links to his media platforms, and a clean website. You have his speeches and videos easily accessible. Hillary on the other hand in my opinion has a cluttered website, the first thing you are directed to is donating. I do not think this is is a beneficial way of keeping people on your website, usually the public is turned off when asked to donate money, especially without being directed to what or who exactly they are donating to or for.

The last platform that seems to be the most relevant is Instagram. To nobody’s surprise Trump in August 2016 had a whopping 2.2 million followers with Hillary behind him with 1.8 million. Currently screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-48-49-amthey are neck in neck with Trump t 3.1 million and Hillary at 3.2 million, but Trump having many more posts. Instagram is again a platform typically used by a younger audience, smart move on Trump to be more involved especially because Instagram now posts photos by people you aren’t even following giving him the chance to be seen without having your follow. Same with Hillary, but the more followers and posts you have the more likely you are to be posted on the feed as well as the explore page.

Overall Trump had the higher ratings using social media potentially leading to his victory.

When campaigning for anything, in this case the Presidential Election social media has a bigger impact that some would think. Today’s society is centered around social networks more than ever before, meaning people have to learn to adapt to the new ways of spreading news and awareness. The younger crowd is a part of a multitude of social networks and check them many times a day, therefor the gain publicity, you should seriously consider joining these platforms. Trump clearly knew how to win over the audience and used as many sources as he could. Congratulations to both candidates but Trump had the level up on this one. Here is a little funny video to lighten the mood no matter who you voted for.


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