Barcelona Soccer (football) game

My first weekend in Barcelona in over a month was a success. I attended a Barcelona soccer game at Camp Nou. CEA students had the opportunity to sign up to attend a game at the beginning of the program. When you come to Barcelona going to one of these games is a must, and I was told I had to go. Prior to the game we got received an email stating that there isn’t a big drinking culture for sporting games in Spain. This was new to me because in America half the game is about the alcohol…not really…but yes. We were told not to pre game and if we looked intoxicated in the least we would be thrown out. People in Spain go to sporting games to watch the plays and cheer for their city, at least that was what we were told.

We got to the meeting spot and picked up our tickets. Our seats were on the opposite side of the entrance  so we walked quite a bit then walked up a million flights of steps but we finally made it. The stadium was HUGE. It might be the same size as in America, but I’m not a big sports person so I don’t really know the comparison considering I don’t attend many games.14563578_10210904094709516_7243721328363072393_n

To my surprise I liked it, even though we were all the way up in the nose bleeds. I got to see the actual plays and get to look at where the players strategically placed themselves, I don’t know if everyone else liked the seats because the players looked like ants but hey, it was a free game.


Messi is the most well known and famous soccer player for FC Barcelona and he had been injured for a while, but luckily the game that we went to he came back in! He played for the second half and within the first minute he scored a goal.

Everyone was cheering so loud it was very cool to see, they were even cheering before he stepped on the field. Honestly, I feel bad for everyone else on the team, nobody cares about them. They played so well the first half and once Messi stepped on the field the crowd went crazier than I had ever seen.

Another thing that is different about a Spanish soccer game is that there is a chant and cheer for everything. A penalty kick, a goal, even just for fun! I loved that aspect, in America we have chants but not like in Spain. There was a tiny section for the fans of Deportivo (the opposing team) but in America there are usually a lot more fans for the other side because the competition isn’t like it is here. America is very competitive and passionate but everyone grew up different places so they have strong opinions about different teams, but in Spain the majority of people are die hard FC Barca fanatics.

The game ended with a score of 4-0. To my surprise I stayed the whole game! I truly am not a sports fan, except I like Basketball because my Dad is the podiatrist for the 76eres so I grew up attending those games, 14650352_10210904086669315_4692462887726870424_nbut I still do not follow it. After this game I think I might become a soccer fan…maybe. When we left the game everyone came up to us and asked the score. It took me a few tries to understand them because they spoke so quickly in Spanish but I finally caught on, and then I became quick at it because I knew the question that was about to come when my friends 14702484_10210904089709391_1748442918019919547_nand I got stopped. We also forgot that all 5 of us were wearing jersey’s so it threw us off a bit the first time we were asked. This man even asked to take a picture with us, I asked what he was going to do with it because I get nervous, and if he was a fast runner (in case he was trying to steal my phone). But he was very nice and just thought we looked cool in our soccer game attire.


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