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Digital Tools for the Perfect Blog

In today’s society there are many new inventions in the world of digital tools. Many of these tools are free to use and can help improve the visualization of blogs. The importance of this is drawing a bigger audience and more importantly keeping your audience’s attention. Digital tools are now enhancing the world for journalists. “Terri Rupar, the national digital editor for The Washington Post, explains how new digital tools are helping journalists reach a wider audience”  She is correct in this statement, people have multiple different learning styles, so with the inclusion of visuals or links, the writer is able to engage the audience in a new and exciting way approachable to everyone.

An example of a digital tool that is very useful is called ThingLink . You are able to select a picture or a video and add tags or even tag pictures. The demonstration I did was just a small introduction of the amazing things you are able to do with the tool.


Another digital tool that is very interesting is called Piktochart. You are able to create your own charts and reports extremely easily. You pick a template and get to creating. All you need are the stats and data that you are interested in using. consider this to be one of my top favorite digital tools, that being said I just learned about it but I easily see myself using this a lot. I am a fan of visuals while reading to break up the text, therefore I view this tool as something that more bloggers and journalists should be including to hold on to their readers.


Third, there is This is another visual digital tool to enhance your blogs appearance. Another one of my favorites because it uses colors screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-57-31-amand is fun to look at. This is a super simple website to use and brings a lot to the table worldsurvey1-531x575in terms of visualizations. The graphs truly let people understand and see the data that could be described. Reviews on are very positive. It is known to be user friendly, and gives the feeling of empowerment. Most of the time people can’t find the perfect picture of what they are trying to show, but with this innovative digital tool people don’t have to search for hours, they can simply create it themselves. Continuing with Facebook I made a chart of the users in 4 year increments.

The last digital tool that I will mention is easily incorporated, it’s called KnightLab. It is a timeline that you can create yourself. You can write when Facebook was first just an idea, when it was created, when it blossomed, and when there were new innovations.

Here is a quick example of what a timeline can look like:

You are able to choose from many different templates and designs leaving room for lots of creativity. You can add media, descriptions, dates, and so on. You cscreen-shot-2016-04-01-at-2-25-41-pman even choose to present a timeline, the picture shown is one slide of a presentation on the history of computers.


Digital tools are part of the new web. Blogs used to be solely text and in my opinion visually boring. I only mentioned 4 examples but there are an uncountable number of digital tools that are beginning to be used. The world of the web is constantly changing, constantly inventing. If you look back even a few years ago we had none of this, internet was just beginning! I often think whether I view these innovations as positive of negative but this I 100% believe to be positive. If it improves journalism and blogging to help more people become aware, or upgrades our possibilities then I am in support. The possibilities are endless in ways to enhance our creativity.




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