For my fourth week in Paris my friend Erin and I decided to spend the weekend in Paris. When researching what to see and do we realized we had a lot in store, so much so that we took the Thursday before off from school (sorry mom, but it’s Paris).

The moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we got back on we did not stop. The first museum we went to was Musee de L’orangerie. 14479613_10210772201692273_970546579187687285_nAll of the artwork was beautiful and so insane to see in person. We couldn’t stay long, partly because we had to move onto the next place and partly because I got bored.

We walked to Champs Elysées, which took about 20 minutes. It is a long shopping strip (dangerous for me, if you know me you know I have a shopping addiction). We had a snack at the famous Ladurée to try our first macaroons in Paris. 14516552_10210772199092208_3341814434967952902_nThey lived up to the reputation! As we kept walking we passed a huge Louis Vuitton, if you didn’t know Louis Vuitton originated in Paris sooo I mean how could I not go in? I cracked and walked out with a wallet but in my defence it was way less expensive in Paris than in America (once again sorry mom, but dad said I could).

We walked to the end of the street where we saw the Arc de Triumph. It was sim14433214_10210772195452117_7519570257936252715_nilar to in Spain so being able to see both of them was very cool.

We finished up and headed on the metro to Montmartre. Upon going I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but my friend Erin was told it was a must see, and she was right. The view from the top was 14523208_10210772201572270_7536228985853853329_nbreathtaking. You can see the entirety of the city it was incredible. It had been a very long day considering we had been up since 5:00am and had not stopped sight seeing, so we headed back for some sleep.

Friday morning started bright and early. We took the metro to the city for the once again famous Angelina’s hot chocolate. It was the most creamy and rich hot chocolate I have ever had. It is served with a side of whipped cream, not sure what you’re supposed to do w14495415_10210772198772200_5585440262654915683_nith it so we slowly stirred it in. I wanted more but I’m glad I didn’t because a. it was expensive and b. I would have gotten a stomach ache.

Next up- the Louvre. Well it was gorgeous and seeing the Mona Lisa in person still has me in amazement. The art you learn about in class for years and years is sitting right in front of you! 14485125_10210772193772075_1152622273984445208_nIt was hard to get a good picture because of all the other tourists but at least I was able to get something. Unfortunately I am not a huge art person and wasn’t able to stay entertained for too long. But I did my due diligence and walked the halls until Erin was ready. Our legs hurt so much because we had been walking everywhere! We sat for a little break before heading to what was known as yet again, Paris’ famous fallafel. L’as du Fallafel. I know my fallafel and this was by far the best I’ve ever had. Look how happy I look! 14517411_10210772190331989_7831608329201137932_n

I spent a semester in Israel as well as traveling there on many occasions, I have tried many many fallafel and this is one I will never forget. We were so stuffed but there was a gelato place right next door that I had read about when researching so we pushed our food babies along and indulged a little, how could we not, it was Paris after all. Alas we walked our fat selves to the Pompidou where we saw even more art. I’m sorry but what is it will all these famous people having all their art in one place?! Maybe in my next life I will be an art history major due to all of the engraining my brain took this past weekend.  Post Pompidou we walked on the Sien to Musee d’Orsay where we saw…you guessed it, even more art! We spent a record time of about 15 minutes because we just could not take it anymore. Our feet were falling off and our brains could not process one more art piece. We went to the Catacombs for a little art break. We stood in line in the rain for about 45 minutes when it was finally our turn to see some skulls.14469565_10210772186451892_1080735010419574773_n We walked underground and saw a million bones and skulls it was just sad. I wish they had the signs to explain the history in English but we got the gist. We went to dinner at Le Parc Aux Cerfs, we weren’t even hungry but wanted the Parisian food experience.

We got dinner and stupidly asked our lovely waitress where the best crepe place was since we had not had one yet and were planning on going Saturday. Unfortunately for our stomaches she said that her favorite place is right down the street. Ughhh no more food could possibly enter my body but we haddd to go. Ends up her favorite place is located on an entire street full of only craperies. I called it ‘crepe row’. I got a nutella and banana crepe and oh my gosh was it the best thing that I have ever tasted. The crepe itself was so light and flavorful, America you are really missing something. 14517587_10210772185291863_615778100094350100_nI know you’re drooling just looking at that picture. We legitimately could not breathe so we went home before our last day.

Saturday- our last day was upon us! We went to brunch at a place called Cafe Oberkampf. It was recommended to me by my friend studying in Paris for the semester. We shared  the Shakshuka and Avocado toast. It was amazingggg. We walked to Notre Dame14433214_10210772195452117_7519570257936252715_n and the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. You aren’t supposed to take picture but of course I snuck a few14457426_10210772181971780_7630139933583396730_n.
Our last stop was the Palace of Versailles. We walked the garden portion for about an hour and a half then walked the inside for around the same. It was insane, seeing how someone could live like that was shocking. I can’t tell if I am jealous or feel sorry for him.

We could not wrap our heads around putting more food into our mouths but it was our last night, we had to go out with a bang, and oh boy did we. We went to Pied de Conchon, it’s known for having the best French Onion Soup and I am obsessed with French Onion Soup. Erin and I shared it, it was amazing, words don’t describe. So here’s a picture to help. 14470383_10210772174051582_6989572715028978581_nThe cheeseyness omg. She had been wanting chocolate mousse so we ordered that to share.

We hadn’t yet experienced night life we I researched a close fun place to go out. We walked somewhere called the Lizard Lounge. It was this hip underground bar. We got a few drinks and since we had a flight in the morning we headed out. I had been talking about how I wanted to try a street crepe the whole week so we went to look for one. We didn’t find any but we found a froyo place so we stopped and even though I knew I would regret it, I got some. Literally two minutes after we kept walking we found a crepe place. Erin convinced me that I must get it since it was our last night and I had been wanting one. She didn’t have to try too hard but that was 3, yes 3 desserts in one night. For someone who is very conscious of what she eats Paris was very difficult, but I did it for the experience, so there went the crepe. Excuse the horrible picture but pure joy appeared the moment that warm crepe entered my mouth.

I left disgusted with myself and unable to feel my stomach, I looked like I was pregnant with triplets (sorry tmi?). I had to go to bed so the pain would go away. 14568205_10210772173731574_3868680470827218061_n

Our last morning, Sunday-we went to the Eiffel Tower, the moment we had been waiting for. It was magnificent. I was shocked at how large it was. I don’t know why I expected it to be smaller but it was crazy to see it in person after having it be something I only see in pictures. 14522998_10210772168771450_6918044425048557627_n









Paris stole my heart and my money, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


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