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For those of you who are unaware of what Periscope, like I was up until a few hours ago, here is a short explanation.

Periscope is basically a live streaming app that allows people from all over to tune into whatever you are doing and streaming at the moment. Some pros of Periscope include live interaction with viewers in the sense that they can comment and like what you are doing or saying in that exact moment. You are also able to keep up on news in some aspects. If a bomb has gone off in Japan, a user of Periscope can click on Japan and view what people were doing in that exact moment. Periscope is the new up and coming form of social networking if you ask me. I think bloggers have a big use for this app. They will be able to gain a connection with their readers that they did not fully have before with solely writing. This is like youtube except live, meaning that your ‘fans’ or ‘readers’ can be live with you asking questions and seeing your everyday life as apposed to only seeing one side of you. Periscope is something to watch out for in a positive way.

Posts that are made will automatically be posted to Twitter due to the fact that Twitter is the owner of Periscope. You now will instantly have more followers. It works the same way as twitter as in you can follow different people and get a notification when they go live in order to tune in.

You are able to see a live interaction with Kate Hudson, which makes you feel closer to her more so than watching a semi scripted interview, but  major con that I see in Periscope is that you cannot edit it. Therefore if you are filming and someone walks in a says something confidential, everyone watching has just heard and there is no way of retracting it. What’s done is done on Periscope. Is that a risk you are willing to take? With every app there are risks so I would strongly advise you to take a moment to view your surroundings before hitting the start button. 

Another way I think Periscope will be and can be used is to advertise. I think many businesses could benefit from using Periscope. Take a clothing store for example. They could go live when they get new inventory in order to attract more consumers, once they see their products you will be more inclined to drive over to shop because you will know exactly what there is. There are many more ways different types of businesses could use Periscope for their gain.

Once Facebook saw this app they immediately saw it’s potential and created Facebook Live. Facebook like is basically the same except it has the edit feature. You are live, BUT once you are finished you can hit publish or delete. The people who were viewing live can obviously not un-see it, but you have the choice to make it visible to the people who missed it, or not if you so choose.

Facebook live can also be used to advertise, especially because Facebook has so many users and contains many adverscreen-shot-2016-09-28-at-4-01-46-pmtisements already. People are even using Twitter to advertise their Facebook live. All social media seems to be connected these days. People post on Twitter to follow their Facebook lives, people post on Facebook to follow their Twitter accounts, and now Periscope automatically posting to Twitter about when you are going live.

The world of social media is changing everyday with new inventions and updates. These can be thought of as positive or negative depending on personal needs and opinions. I do not necessarily think they are bad, but I think it depends on how you use them and make sure not to abuse them.


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