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The New Facebook

As years go by Facebook continues to make changes, if these changes are actual improvements is up for interpretation. Facebook began as a simple social network to allow friends to find the “scoop” about what was going on that night and small things as such. As time continued it became much more than that. Today Facebook allows us to keep in touch with our so called 1,000 friends, be up to date on news reports, when new stores are opening, and much more.

I am going to use WholeFoods as an example. Facebook in my opinion is a huge marketing tool. In Philadelphia, where I live the local WholeFoods market was relocating. I am an avid WholeFoods shopper therefor I was constantly checking to see when the bigger store would be opening, and where did I check for this information you ask…Facebook. I ‘liked’ their Facebook page in order to receive updates and I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately I was in Spain when they opened, but I still knew about all the changes. They had a new an expansive bulk section and even a restaurant.

Many other businesses such as clothing stores and restaurants use Facebook to promote themselves. Facebook allows these companies to advertise any special deals or new hours in order to keep the people updated. With the 1.6 billion people on Facebook this seems like one of the best ways to spread the word. A clothing storscreen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-02-24-ame in my area called Rowen updates their Facebook page of when their new arrivals come in. This draws my attention to stop by the store so I’m sure it calls the attention to many others who live in my area.

An article posted by Business News Daily  states that “Small business owners can’t afford to ignore Facebook” Facebook plays a significant part in launching new businesses and getting the word out. If you tell one person, they have 500+ friends on Facebook so their friends and their friends and so on and so forth will continue to hit “like” on your page.

Facebook noticed people taking interest in creating Facebook pages for their businesses so yet again they made an improvement. screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-03-02-pm

They started highlighting events and giving reminders. The ads will come up on NewsFeeds and desktops instead of appearing as a little ad on the side of the page. It gives you the option to say if you are attending an event or if you’re interested in it, which is a nice feature.

Facebook is innovating rapidly to keep up with the times. Although Facebook changes scare me in some ways due to the unknown factor, I think it is incredible for what it can do for businesses. It in many ways can eliminate costs for start ups. You no longer will have to pay for ads in restaurants or magazines, you can advertise on a free site available to everyone in seconds! Why wouldn’t an owner of a company choose this method when looking to launch their business? Facebook is becoming better than ever and I think it can do a lot more for the consumer than thought of by the blind eye. This video shows trick on how to market businesses on Facebook.


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