Prior to arriving in Barcelona I was told about the cuisine. “There’s so much Jamón and Tapas.” Then I learned what Jamón actually was…pig. Well, I don’t eat pig so I wondered “was this a good thing, or a bad thing”. My family calls me a “foodie”, also not sure if this is positive of negative. I am not picky but I do like to eat clean, and watch what is going into my body. Needless to say I was interested to see if I would be starving for the first week until I amazon’ed some breakfast bars or if I would be just fine.

W14183885_10210497625668044_7728352203747542129_nalking down the street the first day I was enamored with the amount of fresh produce. Fruit and vegetable stands every where I turned. I LOVED IT! I cannot get enough of fruit and vegetables so I knew I would be in good hands here and could hold off on the amazon shipment. Figs aren’t sold fresh in America at the regular grocery store, only dried figs. There are also many more fruits here than I have ever seen. I am still trying new ones every day, but I was told they will soon be going out of season so I am disappointed and have to think of a new breakfast because a croissant a day will not keep the doctor away.

I got to Spain and realized not only is there a lot of Jamón, but there is a lot of meat in general. I am Kosher so you could see how this could be a slight problem for me. I am used to being restricted so I accepted the challenge to survive for these few months.

I hear many stories about people gaining weight while abroad because they get overwhelmed by the cuisine and all there is to offer and that was something I was trying to avoid like a tree in a lightning storm. I considered myself lucky that I wouldn’t have to think about all the food I would have to deny because of the fear of gaining weight, I would simply deny it because of a religious reason, which I am accustom to in my daily life.

14322702_10210628226932994_3578001550486692244_nAside from not being able to eat meat the food here is great! I found this amazing place with the best Acai bowl I have ever had! It’s a tourist attraction but I don’t care, good food is good food. It’s called Brunch and Cake  and my goodness it was worth the wait.

Another one of my favorites is Organics, I’m sure another CEA staple but eating healthy is a part of my life style and just because I am living in a different Country does not mean I am going to give up feeling good and taking care of my body. I eat the same salad ever time I go, which is almost every day, but hey what are you going to do. Partly because I’ve memorized which boxes to check off with my favorite ingredients in Spanish and th14233078_10210573415282737_3150131647551659392_ne other because it’s one of the best salads I’ve had. Besides eating a lot of salad I may be eating one too many cheese boards. I loveee cheese and cheese boards seem to be a thing in Spain, therefor it is often my dinner. I should probably stop but it’s just so delicious I can’t just quit cold turkey.


On a new note, salmon here is lox. When I order salmon in a salad it is usually grilled salmon but here it is smoked. It took me a few orders to realize I should stop getting the salmon. That being said I went to dinner at a place called Luzia and got an actual filet of salmon. Sadly, it was one of the most exciting parts of my day. thumbnail_fullsizerender

Moving on from my health kick. The gelato. Who comes to Spain and doesn’t have gelato…well me but I can say I’ve tried it. I spent days looking for froyo (frozen yogurt) and noticed that it isn’t as popular as in the U.S. I did manage to find it but there is only one flavor. I’m not exactly sure what they call it but it is a mix between tart and vanilla. I don’t like tart and I am more of a chocolate person, but until I come across something different, it will have to due.

For my personal enjoyment, and to make my friends back home jealous I take pictures of most of my food. It’s probably a bad habit and my Dad yells at me because he thinks it’s stupid but I like to remember how tasty something was or how pretty the plating looked. So I have uploaded a few to share.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Besides the food in Barcelona, I had had some food in Budapest. It is very greasy and heavy, but my weekends are for cheat meals and they were well worth it. A blog about my travel food may be coming shortly, stay tuned!


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